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Saturdays 12-1:45pm at Gibney Dance Studios, 280 Broadway

Embodiment Through Dance Movement Therapy is a class designed specifically for dancers and performers of all kinds, either still in training or freshly graduated, as an opportunity for them to explore their inner worlds and safely, curiously, and creatively investigate their relationships to their own sense of embodiment.  

The intense stressors of professional dance training and performance are unfortunately known to most of us. What is still sorely lacking - although slowly gaining ground - are enough practices for students and young professional that provide support and holistic approaches to their creativity in ways that address the full human within the artist.

In this class participants are invited to reconnect with their own sense of embodiment in a safe and therapeutically informed setting, through practices inspired by DMT tools and techniques, including but not llimited to LMA, to Bartenieff Fundamentals and Authentic Movement.


Check back for 2023 schedule

My improvisation workshops are centered around individual exploration of movement, creativity, and personal expression, with a focus on cultivating body awareness, full embodied presence and witnessing what happens within. Participants are lead through a series of scores that invite creative expression, reflection, not-knowing, the experience of the body as a tool for transformation, and cross-modal exploration, including breath and voice (and at times writing and drawing). These workshops are open to anyone who holds a curiosity around movement and its infinite wisdom, its intrinsic and infinite knowledge of our whole being, its memory banks, and its healing power. 

Check back for 2023 schedule

My immersive techniques workshops are equally geared towards professionals who seek to deepen their performance skills, as well as individuals who simply want to investigate their bodies and how they communicate. A curiosity towards our innate human connections and towards the profound meaning behind gaze, gesture, and touch are the only requirements in order to participate. Participants are lead through a series of investigations centered around presence, communication, staying focused in repetition, boundaries, and how we tell the stories we hold within us. Focus can be on applying these skills to proscenium performance, participatory performance, or to everyday life, pending attendees and desires of the group.
It is a practice in presence and listening. It It is a practice in connection and communication. It is a practice in empathy, and much more.

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